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We represent the International Companies Group of Schneider Brothers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe for more than two years. The office of our companies "Schneider Finance Eastern Europe" LTD is located in Kiev. SCHNEIDER FINANCE® is the commercial brand of the British investment fund SCHNEIDER BROTHERS.

The main activity of SCHNEIDER FINANCE® is consulting in the areas of finance, investment, law, as well as capital management, outsourcing of accounting and legal services.

We develop effective investment strategies and offer our clients optimal investment solutions in accordance with their personal situation.

Our legal developments allow our clients to ensure the transfer of capital to future generations in full confidentiality and without loss.

Also, we provide:

- Qualitative accounting support of your business (LLC, SPD);
- Consultations on the selection of the most beneficial taxation system;
- Bookkeeping, processing of accounts and acts;
- Personnel accounting (salary, taxes, leave, sick leave);
- Calculation of taxes and submission of accounts to the tax and funds;
- Registration of the organization's charter documents;
- Registration of any changes in the business process;
- Drawing up contracts and other legal and accounting services.

Our clients are individuals and legal entities who want to receive not only the maximum profit from their investments, but also a personalized approach to all their projects and issues. Our long-term experience, as well as an extensive and reliable network of partners in all areas of economics, finance and legal regulation guarantee an exceptionally high quality of service.

We offer you complete management, control and accounting of your capital and business within the strict framework of Anglo-Saxon exacting and transparent, while respecting your complete confidentiality.