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We bring to your attention a list of our services, which is not exhaustive! After reading this list, call us or write to address, if you did not find the answer to your question, we will respond within a maximum of 48 hours.


- Establishing from scratch and maintaining the accounting records of legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs;
- Preparation, collection, formation of primary documentation, orders, etc. for all areas of accounting;
- Compilation and delivery of all types of reporting;
- Calculation of taxes and contributions necessary for payment - ERUs, personal income tax, military tax, profit tax, VAT, land fees, land rent, non-immovable property tax, single tax, etc.;
- Analysis of business operations and their consequences in accounting, forecasting of reporting indicators (their preliminary miscalculation) for the possibility of optimization;
- Execution of functions of the chief accountant on an outsourcing basis, organization of work of the accounting department.


- Formation of personnel documentation (from assistance in writing applications to filling out orders, labor books and personnel records, and other necessary personnel records);
- Calculation of staff salaries, vacation pay, employee compensation, hospital, maternity, calculations under civil law contracts, etc.


- Providing verbal and written consultations on accounting and taxation.


Include, but not limited to, the provision of legal assistance in the following branches of jurisprudence:

- registration / liquidation of legal entities;
- amendment of constituent documents;
- change of legal address, location of the enterprise;
- change of the head of the enterprise;
- changing the composition of the participants of the enterprise;
- change in activities, etc.;
- registration of copyrights;
- drawing up contracts and claims;
- receipt of extracts, certificates, etc.;
- representation in courts;
- collection of accounts receivable, penalties for violation of performance of contractual obligations;
- legal assistance in disputes with fiscal authorities;
- appeal of tax notifications-decisions, actions or omissions of tax authorities, etc.


- Consultations on the algorithm for opening foreign companies in non-resident countries;
- Providing a list of necessary documents for opening foreign companies in non-resident countries;
- Opening of accounts of foreign companies in non-resident countries.


FINANCIAL GUARANTEES is a financial instrument that will allow developing investment opportunities in all branches of industry, agriculture, construction and trade throughout Ukraine.

The objectives of the Financial Guarantees are to ensure:

- Protection of the Investor, from the risks that it may incur when entering the Ukrainian market, or to markets, other countries of the World;
- Assistance to large and small businesses in solving problems associated with a lack of funding, with the supply of goods under a letter of credit, with purchases under a commodity loan with a deferred payment;
- Financial instrument, as a guarantee of performance of obligations to the beneficiary or covering losses related to non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of basic obligations;
- Financial instrument to increase the volume of imports and exports of goods, the supply of goods within the country, the production of goods, services, payment by installments;


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